Advant Master

Advant Master es un sistema ABB ampliamente instalado y compatible. Es utilizado por muchas personas que tienen la intención de permanecer en esa plataforma durante muchos años.

DSDI 110AV1 ABB - Digital Input Module 3BSE018295R1

Digital Input Board 32 Channels 24Vdc

4.873.865,79 CLP
DSDO 115A ABB - Digital Output Module 3BSE018298R1

Digital Output Board 32 Channels 24Vdc 0.5 A

4.151.811,59 CLP
DSPU 131 ABB - MA200 Interface Board 3BSE000355R1

MA200 Interface Board for AT-bus 334,6 x 121,9 full length

2.166.162,57 CLP
PU515 ABB - Real Time Accelerator Module PCI 3BSE013063R1

Board with Dual Channel MB300 communication for 5V 32-bit 33MHz PCI bus. With 16Mbyte memory

2.166.162,57 CLP
DSDP 170 ABB - Pulse Counting Module 57160001-ADF

Pulse Counting Board inc. Pos. and Speed meas. which is primarily intended for positioning/length and speed/frequency measuring. Maximum pulse frequency is 2.5 MHz

1.083.081,29 CLP
ABB CI527 PCI to AF100 Coupler Module

CI527 PCI to AF100 Coupler Module

ABB CI532V05 Generic MVI Module

CI532V05 Generic MVI Module

ABB CI535 Free- Programmable MVI Sub Module

CI535 Free- Programmable MVI Sub Module

ABB CI545 Ethernet MVI Module

CI545 Ethernet MVI Module

PU519 ABB - Real Time Accelerator (RTA) Board 3BSE018681R1

PU519 Real Time Accelerator (RTA) Board